Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where can you get 5 Fs and walk at graduation? Duval County

This is an e-mail a colleague sent me. I am not going to put his name to it in fear of retaliation but I find him above reproach. Also if it happened at my friends school it happened all across the district

One of my former nonstudents, came to class less than 20% this semester, walked across the stage this past Tues. He had F in every session of every class for the 5 academic classes he took this year, and he did grade recovery for all 5 credits in the past 3 weeks so they put him in. (is it possible he cheated? gasp!) Only problem is with all that GR his District GPA was still only 1.66, so I am convinced at this point there is no criteria for being in a graduation ceremony in this county.  

Also we were given District EOC result print outs for seniors on May 23rd. Today we were given the same printout but many of the scores are different and lower, 5 of my student gains became statistical losses now. Problem is the tests were of course scantron, and the results should have no possible way of changing (unless someone is playing games?) My AP is "investigating". I'm sure we will never get to the bottom of this. Can we sink much lower?

Wow! Well what do you think can we sink much lower?