Saturday, June 1, 2013

The difference between Barack Obama and Jeb Bush on education

Jeb Bush is nasty and hateful. He takes every opportunity possible to bad mouth teachers and their representatives and things like facts be damned.

Barack Obama, is complementary, he routinely talks about how important teachers are and how they are the backbone of the country.

However at the end of the day with the exception of vouchers they are lockstep on education policy. They both promote charters, the standardized test initiatives and the blame the teacher agenda.

Both are proponents of the market driven reforms that are sucking the life out of education. Like the Tea Party and Union leaders who are against the Common Core they undoubtedly make strange bedfellows and are undoubtedly bad for our schools and kids.

I don’t know whether to appreciate Jeb Bush because there is no doubt how much he hates public schools, teachers and their representatives because he straight up tells you or to thank Obama because he at least takes teachers to dinner before he, well you know.