Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are Florida’s teachers getting raises or bonuses?

 Since the governor announced he wanted to put 400 plus million aside for teacher raises, I have wondered does he mean raise or bonus and we all know the difference between the two.
I received this from the DTU, There is a question about the Legislature’s intent on how the money is to be distributed. Is the money to be placed on the salary schedule? If so, that money would have to be available for future allocations. There has been no indication from the State that the money will be reallocated in the future.
The state stole 3% of teacher’s salaries two years ago to fill budget gaps so many teachers are dubious about anything they do, throw in merit pay, odious evaluations and the loss of job protections and those that aren’t angry are scared. I just want to know if they will continue to allocate money for Florida’s teachers who are some of the lowest paid in the country in the future or if they just wanted some Kumbaya sound bite.
Either way teachers haven’t forgotten their terrible treatment at the hands of the state and throwing a few dollars at us won't make us do so.