Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Education Matters turns 3 years old today

Education Matters turned 3 years old today. In that time there have been nearly 800,000 unique views and not counting my mother and I that’s still almost 1,500. I kid but I also figure something like 3 million posts have been read.

Speaking of posts there has been over 4000 in the last three years and over half of them were original material. The posts have been featured on Buzzfeed, the Folio, the Times Union, State Impact, the Victims Advocate and even the Washington Post.

There have been visitors from all over the world including five digits worth of views from France, Germany and over 26,000 hits from Russia.

People have left nearly 1700 comments that I have accepted, unfortunately due to some trolling I had to switch to moderating comments last fall.

135 people have subscribed to the blog, which is very easy to do, hint, hint.

The most popular post is; The Florida Legislature moves the goal posts on teachers, with over 5400 unique views.

But what I am most proud of is the dozens of people who have contributed to the blog. When I started the blog I imagined it as a space where teachers and stakeholders could come tell their stories and where it hasn’t worked out quite that way, I always like it when I get a post from somebody else.