Sunday, June 9, 2013

Betty Burney nearly wrecks the district, gets district job for her efforts

Betty Burney was part of a group that ran the district onto the ground so I have to say I was enraged, flabbergasted and glad I wasn’t eating when I read her I’m a Star Foundation was in line to get a contract with the district to help provide services to overage children.

The foundation’s staff would knock on parents’ doors, host-parenting sessions, or do whatever it takes to get them to motivate their child, said Burney, a former School Board member.

It’s unclear how many foundation workers would staff the expansion, Burney said, because the nonprofits are still fine-tuning their contract with the district.

Mind you this is a job that is hard to quantify and it needs somebody of utmost integrity to do. Does that sound like Betty Burney to you? No, it is unfreaking believable but I am not the only one that thinks so. These were some comments from Times Union readers.

From CrazyBob: Betty Burney who allowed Duval county schools to lower levels of ranking during her tenure and still has a fine unpaid from the state of Florida.
How come under Burney, she was unwilling to do anything but now; she is part of this, what money from this program is going to her???
How many of former school board members are now riding on the budget of Duval county schools? WHY?
How many of former failed leaders will vitti tap to make changes to the already failing system?

From ComeonJacksonville:
I thought this was supposed to be the Superintendent of Change. If that is so, why is Betty Burney getting a contract with the school system? The same politics that have always existed are still in Duval. We just exchanged an old Pratt-Dannals for a new one.