Saturday, June 1, 2013

Education 21st century style

Duval County is going to give every school a testing coordinator. That’s right friends we standardize test so much now that no longer can the principals and their administrations organize it. Some estimates I have read say kids in the county get tested as much as 45 days a year. Also this means every school will have a testing coordinator at the same time many of the district's libraries go unmanned.

Have we reached the tipping point yet folks? Are we ready to say the arts, skills and trades, P.E. classes with less than 60 kids, are more important than spending a quarter of the year bubbling in answer sheets?

Those of you around 30 or over ask yourself how much you would have liked school if the system was the same then as it is now? Ask yourself if you think this is well rounded or not or if you think you would have hated it or not.

Then ask yourselves why we make today’s kids go through it.

I don’t think you will like the answers.