Friday, March 22, 2013

Who is worse? Rep. Carlos Trujillo or Rep. George Moraitis.

Trulilo says if you vote against the parent tricker, err trigger bill you don’t want to have parents at the (education) table. The problem is with this is parent have overwhelmingly come out against the parent trigger bill. Read that again, overwhelmingly against. Trujillo like most republicans is all about school choice as long as they or their friends can make a profit off it or if parents choose the option they are ramming down their throats.

Moraitis on the other hand wants public school districts to give their assets to for profit corporations. Oh and maintain them too. Home rule and the public’s property will be damned if he gets his way.  He tries to give himself cover by saying, “There are lots of other things in here intended to encourage innovation,” Moraitis told the House Education Committee Friday, noting that proposal would also allow high-performing charters to expand. But the truth is he wants to dismantle public education and I wouldn’t be surprised if he eventually hopes to make a buck off it too.

Sure there are some great charter schools but unless there is a heroic effort they aren’t over coming poverty and they aren’t doing any better than public schools and when it comes to charter schools friends make no mistake there is a rush to make a buck not a rush to improve children’s lives.

They are both equally as bad.

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