Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Is the liberal media conspiring to keep the public in the dark about charter schools?

According to Mike Thomas of EdFly, the Jeb Bush financed blog, they are. He complains that the recent FLDOE study on charter schools didn’t get enough mention and he wrote: by and large, the media is hostile to education reform. Bias rears its head in many ways. And one way is selective reporting.

Maybe they are too busy writing about all the failed charter schools, about a half dozen have failed during the school year alone, among 226 overall or all the charter school scandals including the late night sex parties in Miami and about the operator of a small mid Florida school who made 800 grand in a year, among many others.

I can’t say how many papers actually covered the story but the Orlando Sentinel did and they had a slightly different take than Mr. Thomas. Instead of throwing charter schools a parade, they mentioned how they take fewer poor kids, disabled kids and ESOL kids and how when poverty is factored in charter schools were doing worse than public schools.

The truth is something has been hijacked but it is not the media, it is the Florida Department of Education. Mike Thomas might have seen this too had he not been paid to look elsewhere.

To read his piece check out the link below: