Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rep, Trujillo doubles down on his lies about the parent trigger

In a Redefined Ed Piece he said:

“Let’s not make this a partisan discussion. Let’s not be concerned of this boogieman of phantom interests. Opposition is coming from “the unions and the establishment that are trying to control the debate and trying to control jobs.”

Yeah all those union led parent groups and civil rights groups that have come out against it are trying to control the debate.

Trujillo throws out the word union because he knows it will get a small and vocal group salivating but the truth is, teacher’s unions are just one part of a vast coalition that includes the PTA and the NAACP who have come out against the bill.

Just like the evidence that says the parent trigger bill is a good idea, Trujillo,s statements aren’t based in facts.

To read the entire Redefined Ed piece, click the link: