Friday, May 31, 2013

Duval’s lax consequences for bad behavior or you got to be %$#@ing kidding me!!!

DCPS recently made the national news for the treatment of a serial bully who put a classmate in the hospital. A judge temporarily banned her from attending school and the superintendent fought to have her readmitted.

I guess reasonable people can disagree on the harshness of her punishment. I personally think she should be at an alternative school for kids with discipline problems for the foreseeable future. But what no reasonable person should think is that she should have been allowed to go on a class trip to Universal Studios.

When I read that her victim ran into her on the trip I first felt bad that it happened but then I was outraged by the fact the bully was allowed to go. What’s next cripple somebody and give them the key to the city. Break somebody’s leg and get a cruise.

Sadly this is not a lone example either. All over the county children don’t get the consequences they deserve for unruly behavior and this little monster was even rewarded.

For shame Duval County, you better get with it before we remember the days when kids sent their classmates to the hospital as the good old days.