Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Local teacher questions Alternative Certification, i.e. the busy work they pile on new teachers

And makes some valid points too. -cpg

As a new teacher (going on three years), I deeply question the value of the Alternative Certification process in Duval (or perhaps anywhere). The school district has NO BUSINESS putting me in a classroom for up to three years prior to my being alternatively certified...if I am not ALREADY an effective teacher!

And if I have proven to already be an effective teacher, then why in the world do I need to take the Alternative Certification program??? 

I have read various comments and studies on the Alternative Education program. A significant number of teachers claimed it was largely a useless program, a type of busy-work. 

There are two things I think are really needed:

1) To question the very need of an Alternative Certification program for effective teachers; and 

2) If we are going to have a such a program anyway, to have some sort of teacher's forum where teachers can get expert advice, etc. to help them through the process. 

I certainly have little time during the year to do this. And then they want to take my summer, too?