Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Florida’s lack of accountability system or how stupid does Tony Bennett think we are?

This is what DOE spokesperson Cheryl Etters said today, "As Commissioner Bennett said at today’s State Board meeting, Florida is a national model for school accountability and our state’s commitment to higher standards has resulted in tremendous gains in student learning over time.”

She didn’t mention that at the meeting the state voted to lie to its citizens (for the second year in a row) and mask actual school grades. Full disclosure I think our system is an ever worsening joke and needs to be completely retooled but I am not saying look at our accountability while advocating for a system that effectively lies to the people of Florida like Tony ‘one states trash, another’s treasure” Bennett is. 

The following is a piece from the Tampa Times; notice the difference from actual accountability and what the state plans to tell its citizens. 
It showed the decrease in F schools if grades were not permitted to drop more than one level, as well as a near doubling of B schools prevented from becoming C's (or worse).
It also provided a comparison between the 2012 grade distribution and the projected 2013 distribution, with the new criteria in place such as a return to requiring at least half of the lowest performing quarter of students in a school to show gains. The results? The number of A schools would drop from 1,242 in 2012 to 756 this year. B schools would decline from 609 to 389, although that number would rise to 680 with the safety net in place.
On the other end, C schools would increase from 494 to 818, D's from 212 to 390 and F's from 40 to 262. See the full chart here.

Um, how are we supposed to know the school grades again? I read above three times and my head is spinning. There also seems to be a big difference from accountability and honest there.  It is like the state is setting the clock back and hoping we forget what time it actually is.