Thursday, April 4, 2013

The MOOC Industrial Complex (Part II)

About a month ago I began writing about the MOOC Industrial Complex.  As expected, it's growing rapidly.  Today's NY Times tells us that soon computers will be grading essays at the college level.

Not only will those brainy professors be replaced by technology, but heck even better, the computer will give you a "retake" so you can try and improve your grade! Gee, how lovely.  The creator even emphasizes the importance of that immediate feedback and instant gratification, since (oh my goodness!) students currently have to wait days-- or even weeks!!-- for their essays to be graded.

It won't be long now, we're told, as the system is "nearing the capability of human graders."

Watch out you graduate students and professor-- the machines are coming...

Just wait, as one of my favorite Twitterers Siva Vaidhyanathan writes, for the students to line up at the computers' office hours (??) to protest and renegotiate their grades.