Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Education reformers hate black kids. I said it now let me count the ways.

My girlfriend Julie says I am a bit long winded so I am I am just going to get right to it.

1. KIPP and TFA funnel their minions into mostly minority neighborhoods, meaning black kids get to a school no affluent white family would send their kid to and they get a novice teacher without an education background to boot.

2. School recognition money predominantly goes to the schools in the suburbs or with low amounts of minority children. Why would a great teacher want to give up a chance at an annual bonus to go teach at a school where kids could really use their skills but the chance of getting a bonus is almost nill?

3. Charter schools, they aren’t for the rich districts like St. Johns they are for the poor districts like Duval and if you don’t believe me just ask John Thrasher.

4. Bright futures are getting a little less bright for minority kids as the requirements are going up and up.

5. Finally school closings, check out the info graphic below and cringe.