Sunday, August 18, 2013

How come nobody at the school board has a calendar?

Teachers get lead money to buy supplies and the district says the money will be dispersed by the 30th of September. I am really appreciative to receive a the fraction of money I will spend on my class but it would have been great as my bank account hits rock bottom, the consequence of not getting paid for over two months, to have gotten this money, oh before school began.

This isn’t the only thing the district has fallen down on either. I am told the CAST prĂȘ-tests will arrive sometime in September, some 2-5 weeks after school began, curriculum guides weren’t up as of this past Friday, you know the last day of pre planning and in the Times Union when talking about schools opening the super said, “textbooks should arrive at schools next week as well. “

Um what?!? The start of the school year has been on the books for years now! How didn’t they see any of this coming?

But perhaps most important is the bonus or raise teachers are going to get. The money made it to the district months ago and as far as I can tell there has been no movement. Nobody will even tell me if there have been talks and I am pointing my finger at the union on this one too. Too many teachers I know are paycheck to paycheck, this one included for the powers-that-be to be twiddling their thumbs.