Monday, February 18, 2013

School Confusion

We're now midway through my son's first year of public schooling.  Overall, things seem to be going well, he's loving it, and learning a lot.  But I'm confused about a couple of things...

1. School fundraisers.  It seems that this is where bad ideas go to live.  Why in the world would you sell frozen danishes to help a kid's school? Who needs a frozen danish? Who needs horribly ugly Christmas ornaments and why are you selling religious stuff anyway?  Big tins of candied popcorn? Why?   Why not sell something useful or healthy or kid-friendly?

2. Field trips.  I love the idea. I don't love the actual set-up, where kids visit a place like the children's museum and do exactly what they'd do if they went with their parents.  Actually, they are with their parents-- or other peoples' parents.  I went, and had to watch 5 kids for 2.5 hours, having no idea how to actually use the resources to educate them.  Missed opportunities.

3. Candy. Seems like candy is everywhere at school!  Valentine's day was a disaster- I love that the kids exchanged cards, but why was sugar attached to every one of them?? What parent thought giving kindergarteners bags of candy was a good idea?  Seriously.  And we wonder why this country has an obesity problem.

4. Movie day.  Given how much learning there is to be done, why in the heck is a school taking an entire day off to watch Ice Age and eat ice cream?  Color me totally confused why attendance at school is required for stuff like this. Don't we send kids to school so they won't be stuck in front of a screen all day?

Ok, so now I sound like a cranky old-school mom. Oh well. Just old and confused.