Monday, October 1, 2012

More Questions on HR Design

In advance of this afternoon's meeting, I received this very helpful document from the Wisconsin University Union, which summarizes the HR Design plan elements and how they compare to current practice, while raising some critical questions about each element.

Here are some questions that I think are especially deserving of response:

  • Will the university staff assembly, created by HR Design, preempt or potentially undermine the re-establishment of unions?  
  • Why aren’t all contractors (over $5K) included in the living wage provisions, consistent with the City of Madison policy? UW has shifted to using contractors for custodial and food-service positions, and currently pays custodians just $8/hour. 
  • What provisions prevent a hiring authority from defining the “employing unit” as so limited as to “force” a layoff? 
  • What is the evaluation plan to assess the impacts of these radical changes?